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My Story

Being a jewelry designer did not come natural to me at all, but as I walked through the corridors of Shenkar, college of engineering and design, I knew I belong to that world.

My final project was call "Layers, layers", with it I graduated the jewelry department at 2007, shortly after that the project was exhibited at Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Gallery of contemporary art and jewelry.

I had the previlege to display my work at the Premier Classe exhibition of 2011 and 2012, at the fashion week in Paris,

Also at the exhibitions of "Designed in Israel" 2008 and 2011, and at the Jovella of 2010, the international jewelry exhibition and the leading event of the Jewelry Industry in Israel.

Every object I create is an inspiration of the next treasury collection I would like to find inside of the treasure-box.

my jewelry is an art, designed first of all by my imagination and my vision of that object,

and after that process, the idea becomes a wearable piece of jewelry.


Some of my new collection can also be found in boutique stores and museum shops worldwide.



Gallery of previous collections
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